Class Fees Requests Process

Definition of class fees.

Class fees are a surcharge beyond tuition, which may exist for the following situations:

  • Instruction for which the student is given expendable supplies and materials provided by the academic unit for reasons of convenience, standardization or economy. (Examples: food in a nutrition class, art materials in an art class, film and paper in a photography class.)
  • Instruction involving hands-on experience with university-owned equipment requiring frequent and specialized maintenance and servicing.
  • Classes requiring rental of frequently used audio-visual aids, such as films, video and cassettes, which are an essential and integral part of the class.
  • Classes involving specialized or individualized instruction and/or equipment rental.

Conditions for establishing or changing a class fee.

  • A change or an additional class fee will be considered only upon demonstrating that a change has occurred in service or supplies provided to students. Class fees will not be approved for expenses currently covered by the academic unit’s base operating budget.
  • Class fees should not be used to fund capital equipment purchases.
  • Great care should be given to avoid very small class fees out of consideration to the students’ and parents’ perception of frivolous charges.
  • Each student must be notified of the dollar amount of the fee, and a detailed description of what the fee covers must be made available to the student.

Procedure for establishing or changing a class fee.

Authorization to charge a class fee must be obtained in advance from the Office of Undergraduate Studies, Division of Academic Affairs, in accordance with the guidelines noted above and using the following procedure:

  • The charging unit must submit the request to the college dean (or the dean’s representative). Each request for a class fee must include:
    • (a) a detailed rationale with specific enumeration of the goods or services for which the class fee will be used,
    • (b) the class number, section number, offering number, the 6-digit course ID number, and the class title,
    • (d) the dollar amount of the fee and the income chartstring to which the fee will be credited.
  • The request, with college approval, is forwarded to the Office of Undergraduate Studies.
  • As appropriate, the Vice Chancellor and Provost may request a detailed account of how class fee monies were spent.
  • Each semester, arrangements are made by the Office of Undergraduate Studies, the Registrar’s Office, and the Bursar’s Office to have class fees listed in the on-line and printed Time Schedule of Classes.
  • Once established, the fee continues like-semester-to-like semester until the college requests a change in the fee. (In 1999, all schools and colleges were required to re-justify the class fees they were charging, and the rationale for those fees is on file in each dean’s office.)
  • Communications to parents and students regarding class fees shall include:
    • (a) The rationale for each class fee is to be kept on file in the dean’s office and made available to students on request.
    • (b) In all publications describing the cost of attendance, the following statement shall be included:The cost of attendance may include occasional class fees which are either in addition to, or in place of, required textbooks. Such fees cover extraordinary technology costs or consumables. The presence of a class fee is disclosed each semester in the on-line and printed Time Schedule of Classes.

Dean’s Office Approver List

Unit Approver Name Phone Email
Arch Karen Holl 5075
A&S Eileen Julian 2014
Education Michael Torak 4752
Education Linda Stevenson 4753
Engineering Not applicable-ECS has only program fees
Falk School Eileen Lantier 9824
Falk School Kristin Davis 6230
Falk School Kelly Pettingill 5579
iSchool Not applicable-iSchool fee questions should be directed to:
iSchool Steve Block 6148
Law Cheryl Ficarra 2540
Maxwell Michael Wasylenko 9500
Newhouse Amy Falkner
SUCE Summer Courses/Classes ONLY
SUCE Nancy Corgel 4173
VPA Rosalie Kosar 5886
Whitman-Management Elizabeth Hahn 4421
Honors Hanna Richardson 2759