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How do I prepare for online grading?

If you have activated your NetID and have previously logged onto MySlice to view your class lists and/or schedule of classes, you’re all set. Once grade rosters become available for grading, the rosters can be accessed via MySlice in your Faculty Services area.

For MAC users, it is recommended that you use Firefox Internet browser to access the grade roster (other browsers may not be compatible.)

If you have activated your NetID, but have not yet logged onto MySlice , we suggest that you do so to ensure that you can successfully log onto MySlice. Under Faculty Services, you can currently view your class lists (rosters) and your semester schedule of classes. Once grade rosters become available for grading, this is where you will gain access. Consult with your department’s class scheduling administrator if you don’t see the classes you expect.

If you have not activated your NetID or you can’t remember your NetID or password, please visit the ITS NetID self-service website at . If you need additional help, call the ITS Help Desk at (315) 443-2677, or send an e-mail to

What if I forget my password or get locked out?

Go to the ITS NetID self-service website at . Click on “forgot your password” and follow the directions on the screen to reset your password. If you need additional help, call the ITS Help Desk at (315) 443-2677 or send an e-mail to

What training or informational materials are available?

The online grading process is simple and self-explanatory, and formal training is not needed. Help functionality within the grading function provides additional information and guidance.

Online Grading Overview [PDF, 207 kB] provides a quick walk-through for entering and submitting grades. Also, learn how to create a list of students in your class from the grade roster, enter your grades to that list, and then upload the grades from that list to your grade roster.

Grades and Grading provides instruction for exporting grades from Blackboard and using MS Excel to convert them to the necessary format for uploading.

Whom do I call for help?

For help with:

NetID and/or password: Call the ITS Call Center at (315) 443-2677 or send email to

Questions about the online grading screens or process: Call the Registrar’s Office at (315) 443-2422.

Questions about access to grade rosters or your classes: Contact the class scheduling administrator in your department or college.

When will grade rosters be available for grading?

The date is posted in the Academic Calendar.

When are grades due?

The deadline is posted in the Academic Calendar.

Grade due dates are published in the Academic Calendars. The due date is set to allow sufficient time for grading after the last day of final examinations; to provide timely information to students, who are making plans for the upcoming semester or summer session; and to facilitate the administrative needs of the schools, colleges, and departments, e.g., for probation review and degree certification.

Grade due dates for flexible format classes are typically two weeks after the class ends.

Can I still submit grades after the due date?

After the due date, you must submit grades on Missing Grade forms, available from department offices. One form, requiring three signatures, must be completed for each student and submitted to the Registrar’s Office for processing.

Printed class lists with grade notations, including printouts of online grade rosters, will not be accepted by the Registrar’s Office

How do I know what grades are valid for a particular class or student?

On the grade roster, click the drop down arrow in the Roster Grade column to view and/or select from the list of valid grades.

How will I know if I enter an invalid grade?

If you attempt to enter an invalid grade, you will receive an error message and will be prompted to enter a valid grade.

My course is graded Pass/Fail. Can I enter a Pass, or do I have to enter a letter-grade that will be converted to a Pass?

Pass will be an available selection for Pass/Fail-graded courses only.

Some students in Pass/Fail-graded courses elect a letter-grade option. If a Pass is entered for such a student, you will receive an error message and will be prompted to enter a valid letter-grade.

What are the grading symbols? Which symbols can I assign to students?

Some grading symbols, such as NR (Not Required), are associated with courses. Some grading symbols reflect choices made by students, such as P (Pass). See Academic Rules, TABLE J Grading Symbols, for a complete list of grading symbols.

What do I do about a student whose name does not appear on my class roster?

Advise the student to contact his/her school or college, or the Registrar’s Office. If the student is subsequently registered, the grade will then need to be reported to the Registrar’s Office on a Missing Grade form.

What do I do about a student who withdrew after I received my grade roster?

Assign the grade earned by the student for work performed. If the withdrawal petition was submitted to the Registrar’s Office by the deadline, the Official Grade will be replaced by the withdrawal (WD).

Entering and Submitting Grades

Whose responsibility is it to enter and submit grades? How will grading be handled in classes with both faculty and teaching assistants involved in the instruction?

Grading is the responsibility of instructors. The person(s) designated as a primary instructor for a class may submit grades. Teaching assistants may also submit grades, designated as a TA. Each department makes its own determination of who may submit grades for each class. Grading access is then given to the instructor and/or the TA by the class scheduling administrator in the department.

I co-teach a class with another faculty member. Will each of us have access to the grade roster and be able to enter grades?

If you both are set up on the class on system as an instructor with access to enter grades, you will both have access to the grade roster to enter grades. Instructors of courses with more than one designated grader will need to coordinate the submission of grades.

Consult with your department’s class scheduling administrator if you do not have the access you expect.

Can my Teaching Assistant enter grades on the roster?

This is subject to departmental policy. If your department allows teaching assistants to assign grades, the department’s class scheduling administrator will need to assign grading access to the TAs.

How do I access my grade roster(s)?

Faculty: Grade rosters are accessed via MySlice in the Faculty Services box. For MAC users, it is recommended that you use Firefox Internet browser to access the grade roster (other browsers may not be compatible.) Log on to MySlice  at by entering your NetID and password. (See “How do I prepare for online grading?”) Click on Faculty Center; your teaching schedule will display. Click on the grade roster icon to the left of your class listing. If you do not have the Faculty Services box, most likely your department has not scheduled you on the class. Contact them for assistance. You will have access to Faculty Services immediately after you are scheduled on the class.

I don’t see grade rosters for all of my classes – what do I do?

Check with your department’s class scheduling administrator. You may not be listed as a primary instructor, or grading access may not have been assigned. [Note: If you teach LAW or ESF classes, they will appear on your class listing, but will not have a grade roster available. Grades may not be entered online for these classes.]

Do I have to be on campus to enter grades?

No, you may submit your grades from anywhere that you have web access.

What hours will the system be available for me to enter grades?

Generally, you will have access to online grade rosters via MySlice 24 hours a day, seven days a week. ITS has regularly scheduled maintenance, typically on Sunday mornings, when the system will be unavailable. Any planned downtimes are announced on MySlice prior to the date.

I maintain my grades in an Excel spreadsheet. How will I submit my grades?

The online grade roster provides you with the ability to upload your grades from a spreadsheet which has been saved in CSV format (comma separated variable). Mac users need to use “CSV (Windows)” format. The spreadsheet has to contain the student’s 9-digit SUID and the letter grade, separated by a comma. A help link with detailed instructions will be available on the grade roster. Additional information can be found at the end of the Online Grading Overview [PDF, 207 kB], under “Faculty and Staff”.

If you are not currently keeping grades in an electronic form, this is a good time to consider doing so. The ease of uploading grades is a big advantage of online grading.

How do I export a spreadsheet using Blackboard?

A file can be exported from Blackboard and reformatted so it contains only the SUID and grade separated by a comma. Then it can be uploaded into MySlice using the Upload Grades button on the grade roster page. See instructions on Grades and Grading.

I have a large class. Do I have to enter all of my grades at once, or can I submit a partially-completed grade roster?

You can begin your grade entry, save your work (click “Save without Submitting”), and resume grade entry at another time. To resume, click the Edit Roster button at the bottom of the page to re-open your roster for entering grades. When entering grades for large classes, we recommend that you save your work frequently. (See “Will the system time out?”, below).

You may also submit (click “Submit to Registrar”) partial grade rosters and enter the remaining grades at a later time. To enter remaining grades, click the Edit Roster button at the bottom of the page to re-open your roster for entering grades. Keep in mind that once submitted grades have been posted by the Registrar’s Office, they will be available for viewing by students. The partial posting of grades for a class may result in increased student inquiries from students whose grades have not been posted.

(Note: The system provides a warning message when rosters are submitted with blank grades. The message is “for your information” only and will not prevent the grades you have submitted from being posted.)

Will the system time out? What happens to the grades I entered?

The system will time out after 60 minutes of inactivity and any unsaved grades will be lost. Typing in grades is not recognized by the system as “activity”. You must Save the grades you entered at least once every 59 minutes.

I can see my grade roster, but the fields in the Roster Grade column will not allow me to enter a grade. What do I do?

Scroll down to bottom of page and click Edit Roster button to enable the Roster Grade field. In the Official Grade column, you’ll see a grade(s). The grade was either previously submitted by you, or processed by Registrar’s Office, i.e., a grade of AU.

What do I do for students who never attended and/or only submitted a few assignments?

If a student did not attend, or stopped participating so early in the term that you have no basis for evaluation, enter an NA. Students who receive an NA do not have the option of later petitioning for an Incomplete or a letter grade.

If enough work was completed to establish an evaluation, calculate a course grade on the basis of work completed/submitted, counting unsubmitted work as zero.

When should I give a student an Incomplete (I) instead of a grade? And how do I do that?

When a student experiences exceptional circumstances that prevent him/her from completing your course on time, he/she may ask you to award an Incomplete. Both you and the student must complete a Request for Incomplete Grade form, which is an agreement that specifies the reasons, conditions, and time limit for removing the Incomplete. Forms are available in department offices or on the Registrar’s website. Incompletes calculate as Fs.

An “I” cannot be entered on online grade rosters. Leave the grade blank and when the Request form has been processed by the Registrar’s Office, “I” will appear as the Official Grade.

An Incomplete should be awarded only when

Exceptional circumstance apply

The student has completed enough work to assign a grade based on work completed to date (counting unsubmitted/incomplete work as zero)

Students who never attended or who did not complete enough work upon which to base a grade should be advised to drop the course or withdraw, according to published deadlines. Students who take a leave of absence or who are withdrawn from the University may not receive an Incomplete.

When completing the Request for Incomplete Grade form, you will specify a deadline for completing course requirements and the grade to be recorded for the student if the work is not completed by that date. If you indicate a grade other than F, as the grade to be recorded, i.e., a passing grade, the circumstances should not be one in which the student would have an unfair advantage over other students in the course in being able to pass simply by not completing work required of others.

Changing Grades

Can I change a grade on the online grade roster?

Grade rosters that have been Saved, but not Submitted, may be changed at any time up until the grade due date. Select the Edit Roster button at the bottom of the roster page. After making the edits to your grades, you must Submit to Registrar.

Grade rosters that have been Submitted, but not yet posted, may also be changed. Keep in mind that once submitted, grades are posted by the Registrar’s Office multiple times per day, so there may not be much time available for you to change a grade online if the grades have already been Submitted. If the Roster Status column says “Pending”, you can select the Edit Roster button to reopen the roster, edit the grades, and then Submit to Registrar.

Once grades have been posted, the Roster Status will change to Posted. A Change of Grade form must then be used to make a grade change. Change of Grade forms are obtained from your department, school or college.

What’s the process for changing a grade after my grades have been posted?

Obtain a change of grade form from your department or college office. Provide all required information including the date on which final work was submitted (this may be used to determine the appropriate degree award date). Sign and date the form, then submit to the department chairperson. Once signed by the chair, the form will be sent to the student’s home college (for undergraduates), then the Registrar’s Office. Any or all of those offices may require an explanation of the change, and may require that additional information or forms be provided. The Registrar’s Office has the final authority to approve changes that involve grading symbols.

What’s Next?

What do I need to do after I’ve submitted my grades?

Once you’ve submitted your roster by clicking the Submit to Registrar button, exit the page without clicking the Save button. Clicking the Save button after clicking the Submit to Registrar button will prevent the grades on your roster from posting. If you click the Save button you will need to submit the roster again by clicking the Submit to Registrar button. To exit the page, click Home on your browser menu, or click Change Class to go to another roster.

My grades are submitted. Do I need to do anything else?

A: Yes, verify that the grades you entered are correct after posting. Once grades are submitted for posting, you will receive an email notification with a reminder to verify within 48 hours that the grades you entered are posted correctly. This is done by returning to the grade roster and checking the Official Grade and the grade roster Status column.

When will students’ grades be posted? How soon will students be able to see their grades?

Grade rosters submitted via online grading to the Registrar’s Office will normally be posted multiple times per day, beginning the day after the rosters become available.

Once grades are posted, students will be able to view them immediately, via MySlice.

How do I print my grade rosters?

To print your grade roster, use your browser’s print feature (e.g. File >Print).

Can I go back and look at old grade rosters?

Yes, grade rosters beginning with Spring 2007 grade rosters are available for viewing. Grade rosters for terms prior to Spring 2007 are not available online because they were posted via the opscan process.