How To Upload Grades

You can create a class list file in Excel from the Grade Roster. You can then enter your grades in the Excel file, and upload the file to the Grade Roster.

Create an Excel class list file from Grade Roster:

  1. Click Download.
  2. Message displays: Do you want to open or save this file? Click Save.
  3. Select file location and name. Click Save.
  4. Close Download Complete message.
  5. File is saved to your pc.
  6. Open file.
  7. Insert a blank column after ID column (Insert > Column).
  8. Delete all columns except A and B (SUID and blank column).
  9. Delete header row.
  10. Enter grades in column B for each student. Some grades can be left blank if unknown at this time.
  11. Click File/Office Button > Save As. Select location and file name. Save as type “CSV (Comma delimited)” for PC’s, “CSV (Windows)” for MAC.
  12. Click Save.
  13. Message displays: “Do you want to keep the workbook in this format?” Click yes.
  14. Close Excel file.

The result should be a .csv file.

Next, upload the class list file to Grade Roster:

  1. Open the Grade Roster in MySlice.
  2. Click Upload Grades button.
  3. Using Browse, select file to be uploaded.
  4. Click Upload*.
    Caution: There may be some missing grades on the grade roster after uploading your file. A pop-up window may appear with message “Errors occurred in loading the file. Click on the Show Errors button to view them”.
    If a message appears, first click the OK button to close pop-up window, and next click the Show Errors button. View the errors, i.e., “Report may have rows for missing or invalid grades”, or “Malformed line may appear if the file did not have a comma after the emplid.” Manually enter any missing grades on the roster.
  5. Review Grade Roster for accuracy of grades.
  6. Click Submit To Registrar button at bottom of page.

More information for Blackboard users is at the Registrar’s website:

* If your Excel file was not formatted correctly, or if there are grades missing for a student in your Excel file, you will receive an error message when uploading. Click OK to close the message window, and then click Show Errors to troubleshoot. If the error indicates that grades are missing, you can manually enter them on the grade roster.