Grading FAQ for Students

Where can I see my grades?

You may view and print your grades through MySlice . To view grades, visit MySlice > Student Services > Enrollment > View Grades.

What if I forget my password or am locked out of MySlice?

Go to ITS NetID self-service . Click on “forgot your password” and follow the directions on the screen to reset your password. If you need additional help, call the ITS Help Desk at 315.443.2677 or send an email to

Can I get a formal report of my grades?

You can request a formal grade report or transcript from the Registrar’s Office using our transcript request form. Requests for a formal grade report in addition to or instead of your official transcript should be specified in the special handling section of the form. A formal grade report is an official document presenting a student’s courses and grades from only one semester. An official transcript includes the entire record of all credit-bearing coursework and grades from all programs (undergraduate and graduate, matriculated and non-matriculated) taken at Syracuse University.

When will my grades be posted?

Instructors submit grades throughout the online grading period at the end of the semester. Submitted grades are posted multiple times daily. The grade due date is available on the Registrar’s Office calendar.

If I think my grade is incorrect, who should I contact?

You should contact the instructor or TA for the class. If he or she is not available, contact the department for the class.

How can an incorrect grade be changed?

The instructor must submit the grade change. The form for the grade change requires the same review and approval routing as a missing grade, so, it can take several weeks to appear in View Grades in MySlice.

If my grade is missing, who should I contact?

After the grade due date (available on the Registrar’s Office calendar), contact the instructor or TA for the class. If he or she is not available, you should contact the department for the class.

After the grade due date, missing grades are submitted on forms which are routed to several offices for review and approval. It can take several weeks for that process. The Registrar’s Office processes the forms as they are received. Once posted, the grades will appear in View Grades in MySlice.

If I am not able to finish the class due to an illness or emergency, who should I contact?

You should contact the instructor or TA for the class. If he or she is not available, you should contact the department for the class. If your situation affects multiple classes, contact your home school or college.


How do grades calculate?

Each letter grade has grade point equivalents, as follows:

Grades Grade Points per Credit
A 4.0
A- 3.6666
B+ 3.3333
B 3.0
B- 2.6666
C+ 2.3333
C 2.0
C- 1.6666
D 1.0
D- .666
F 0


Grading Symbols Meaning Grade Points per Credit
I Incomplete 0
AU Audit Not counted
NA Did not attend Not counted
NR Not required Not counted
P Pass Not counted
RM Remedial Not counted
V Variable length course—
grade not yet due
Not counted
WD Withdrew Not counted

Note that the grading symbol “I” (Incomplete) has a grade point equivalent of zero (0), i.e., it calculates as an “F” (Other grading symbols and missing grades do not calculate grade points.)

When added together, grade points can be used to calculate a grade point average (GPA). (Also see the University’s academic rules for grading)

What’s a GPA?

The grade point average (GPA) is calculated by dividing the number of grade points earned by the number of credits attempted.

GPAs are calculated in a number of ways for a variety of purposes. A cumulative GPA (cum GPA) is a calculation of the average of all grades in all courses for all semesters. A semester GPA is calculated for courses taken for the semester. A GPA may also be calculated for your major, or for any purpose, from a sub-set of courses using the above formula. The GPA calculator in MySlice > Student Services > Advising can assist in this calculation.

What’s the purpose of a GPA?

The cumulative GPA reflects your overall academic performance, and is used for a variety of purposes including determination of satisfactory academic progress. Schools and colleges set cum GPA requirements for intra-university transfers. Undergraduates whose GPA falls below 2.0 may be placed on probation (other criteria apply to probation as well). A 2.0 is the minimum cum GPA required to award an SU undergraduate degree. The cumulative GPA is also the basis for awarding university honors, e.g., magna cum laude.

Semester GPAs reflect your performance during a semester and are also used for assessing academic progress. The semester GPA is the basis for determining dean’s list honors for undergraduates.

Other GPA calculations are made to assess performance in a subset of courses, for a variety of purposes.

How can I find out my GPA?

Your cumulative and semester GPAs appear on your transcript.

Use the GPA calculator (see next Q/A) if you want to determine your GPA for other purposes, e.g., in your major.

How can I determine what grade(s) I need to improve my GPA?

The GPA calculator in MySlice > Student Services > Advising allows you to see the effect that various grades will have on your GPA using the “What If” grades in your existing classes. By entering a grade in an ungraded class, or changing a grade that has already been given, and selecting ‘Recalculating My GPA!’ you will see how that grade changes your cumulative GPA at the top of the page and the individual semesters at the bottom of the page. The page includes the instructions and limitations.

When is an Incomplete (I) given as a grade?

You may request an I if you have exceptional circumstances that prevent you from fulfilling all class requirements on time. You will need your instructor’s approval, and will need to have completed enough class content to have a grade assigned based on your work to date; if you have not completed enough work on which to base a grade, you’ll be advised to drop or withdraw from the class according to published deadlines. Check with the instructor or TA about deferred exams and any other requirements. If you take a leave of absence or are withdrawn from the University, you can’t receive Incompletes for classes in which you were registered.

You must complete a “Request for Incomplete Grade” form, which is an agreement between you and your instructor that specifies the reasons, conditions, and time limit for removing the Incomplete from your record. An I will calculate as an F in your GPA.  As a function of the agreement, your instructor will calculate a grade for you based on work completed to date, counting unsubmitted work as zero. This is the grade you will receive if a “Removal of Incomplete Grade” form is not submitted to the Registrar’s Office by the appropriate deadline.

How do I get an Incomplete (I) grade removed?

I grades may be removed prior to graduation in one of two ways:

Complete the outstanding work specified on the Request for Incomplete Grade form by the agreed-upon date; or

If you fail to complete the work specified in the Request for Incomplete Grade form, the Registrar’s Office will post the letter grade indicated by the “If not completed…” date, subject to any previous grading option that had been selected.

Although you may not register for a course a second time for the purpose of removing an I grade, an instructor may require you to repeat certain elements of a course in order to remove the Incomplete.

Can I graduate with an Incomplete (I) grade?

You may graduate with outstanding Is if you’ve earned the required number of credits and met all degree requirements, and if your cumulative average equals or exceeds the minimum requirements for your school/college, with the Incompletes calculated as Fs.

For additional information, see Removal of Incomplete in the academic rules.

Will I receive a grade if I never attended?

If you never attended and you did not officially drop from the class by the financial drop deadline as it appears in the academic calendar, you will be assigned a grade of NA. If you receive an NA for a class, you will not have the option of petitioning for an Incomplete or a letter grade.

Will I receive a grade if I stopped attending and only submitted a few assignments?

If you stopped attending and only submitted a few assignments and you did not officially withdraw from the class by the deadline to withdraw as it appears in the academic calendar, your instructor will assign the grade that you earned based on your work.

Grading Options

What does it mean to audit a class?

Auditing means that you attend and/or participate in a class without earning credit. Audited classes do not meet any degree requirements and aren’t counted toward enrollment status. You may audit a class with approval of the instructor of the class. You must select the audit option by submitting the Grading Option Application form signed by the instructor on or before the grading option deadline. You can rescind the selection after submission up through the grading option deadline. You cannot select or rescind the selection after the deadline. See Tuition, Fees, and Related Policies [PDF, 142k]  for information about charges for auditing courses.

Instructors may record a grading symbol of NA instead of AU if you don’t meet stated academic or attendance requirements. You will have limited access to SU library resources if you are auditing a class and are not registered for any credit classes for the term. Courses that require a Proposal for Independent Study, studio art or applied music courses offered by the College of Visual and Performing Arts, and University College BPS and LGL courses can’t be audited.

Can I take classes for a pass/fail grade?

Yes, many undergraduate letter-graded classes can be taken pass/fail. Graduate students may only receive pass/fail grades for courses designated as pass/fail.

School/college-specific pass/fail rules are listed in the Course Catalog. Some additional points:

If you select a Pass/Fail option, grades of A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C-, and D are converted to P. No grade other than P or F will be reported by the Registrar’s Office.

If you choose to major in a field in which you previously took a course as pass/fail, your home school/college and the chair of the department in which you took the course will determine whether and upon what terms the course can be used to satisfy departmental requirements.

SU Abroad students are limited to one pass/fail course each semester.

No more than 24 credit hours of courses taken pass/fail may be applied toward an undergraduate degree.

You must complete a Grading Option Application, available in your school/college or department offices for the class, or the Registrar’s Office, 106 Steele Hall. Obtain the required approval signature(s), and submit the form to the Registrar’s Office by the grading option deadline. Part-time University College students submit the completed form to University College Bursar and Registration, 700 University Avenue.

Can I receive a letter grade even though the class has a pass/fail grading option?

Undergraduate students have the option to elect a letter grade in a pass/fail-graded course. You should contact the instructor to determine if the structure of the class allows this option. You must select that option by the grading option deadline by submitting a completed Grading Option Application to the Registrar’s Office, and you may not rescind the selection after the deadline.