How Registration Appointments are Assigned

Students are assigned registration appointment times for two primary reasons:

  • The system can handle just so much “traffic” at one time. Registration appointment times must be distributed evenly so as not to have a negative effect on system load.
  • To separate students into populations that can be prioritized by established criteria to allow students to have a better chance of enrolling in classes.
  • To receive enrollment appointments students are identified by:
    • Career (Undergraduate, Graduate, Law)
    • Level (class standing)
    • Special Populations (Athletes, Honors, Res. Advisors)
    • Campus (SU Abroad, University College)

Students in special populations (as described above), receive registration appointments times that are after seniors but before juniors (special populations registration appointments and junior registration appointments start on the same day. Special populations start in the morning and juniors start in the afternoon of the same day)

For Undergraduate students class standing is determined by a combination of earned credits plus carried credits (SU-earned credits, plus credits accepted for transfer credit and other types of external credit, e.g., AP examination) to result in a projected level. Example – A student that has 89 credits is a projected junior and will receive a junior appointment time.  Freshmen and sophomore students are given registration appointment as one (1) unit. There is no additional ranking of appointment times based on number of credits with regards to freshman or sophomore class standing.

Class standing is calculated as follows:

Class Total Cumulative Credits
Freshman 0-23 credits
Sophomore 24-53 credits
Junior 54-83 credits
Senior 84-120+ credits