Common Enrollment Error Messages

Errors you may resolve on your own

Error message Resolution
Requisite not met for class, not enrolled

Requirements have not been met to enroll in the specified class. The enrollment transaction was not processed Example Prereq: BIO 121

You can take no action. Enrollment cannot be processed for this class for current term. Enrollment for the requisite course must have occurred in a prior semester.
A required related class also needs to be selected.

You are attempting to enroll in a multi component class and you have only selected one of the required components.

• Return to add classes

• Reenter class number

• Select additional required component when prompted on the enrollment options page

Hold on student’s record; add not processed.

You are being blocked from registration due to unresolved business.

• Each applied hold may be viewed via the Holds section or the View

Holds link in the finances section within the Student Services section

• Contact information for the applying office is displayed for each hold.

• Contact the applying office to resolve the hold

No valid appointment found and open enrollment period has not begun.

You are trying to register before your Enrollment date/time or during a time period when the system is not available for registration.

•  In MySlice select the View My Enrollment Dates link in the Student

Services section to see your correct appointment day/time.

Student not enrolled; class full or restricted.

The  class  is  closed  or  you  do  not  meet  class  enrollment requirements.

Choose an option below:

• Select another class

• Choose wait list if available (contact course department to be enrolled. You will not be automatically enrolled from a waitlist)

• Contact the department to obtain a permission number to enroll for the class

Time scheduling conflict; student not enrolled in class.

Class conflicts with another class section already on your class schedule.

• Select another section or class that does not conflict with your current schedule.

It is not advised to register for multiple academic classes at the same time; refer to attendance policy of class.

Errors you will need to contact school/college/department to resolve

Error message Resolution
Class full; student added to wait list.

You have chosen the waitlist option. You are not enrolled in the class.

• Contact department that is offering the class to learn how waitlists are being handled.

• You will not automatically be enrolled in the class

Maximum term student unit load exceeded.

You are either an Undergraduate student trying to register for more than 19 credits or a Graduate student trying to register for more than 15 credits.

• Undergraduates students Contact your home school/college for

• Graduate students contact the Graduate School

• If the error is received while attempting to audit a class, bring completed grading option application form to Registrar’s Office, 106 Steele Hall.

Troubleshooting tips

Cannot see Student Services section

Click the content link in MySlice header. From the content page, select the Student Services check box. Click the save button at the bottom of the page. The Student Services section will be available, if the Student Services section is still not an option, contact the ITS help line at 315-443-2677.

When preparing to register the term is not displayed for you to select in MySlice

Contact the Bursar’s Office, give the Bursar representative your SUID number and ask them to conform that you are Eligible to Enroll for the term. 

How to remove your name  from a Waitlist for a multi-component class

If you decide to Drop just go ahead drop yourself from the waitlist. The system will automatically drop you out of all related components. But if you want to enroll in another section of this class without first dropping from the waitlist, you must contact staff in the Department.