Schedule Changes

Schedule changes after the Add Deadline through the Academic Drop Deadline

After the Add deadline adjustments may no longer be made through MySlice. The Add/Drop form is used to adjust class registration during this time. Only classes that start after the Add deadline may be added to the student’s schedule. If you need to add a class after the Add deadline, please contact the dean’s office of your home school/college. Students may continue to drop regular semester classes through the Academic Drop deadline. Full tuition will be charged for classes, except for SUIP internships, dropped after the Financial Drop deadline. Review the Academic Calendar  for details.

Drop Procedure

Complete the Add/Drop form and obtain the signatures required by your home school/college, listed below. The form must be submitted to the Registrar’s Office, 106 Steele Hall, by the Academic Drop deadline.

Signatures Required
Architecture Instructor and Advisor
Arts & Sciences Instructor or dept. chairperson. Faculty Advisor signature is not required. (for Math courses, instructor signature is required, except on the day of the deadline, for Economics courses the dept. requires BOTH the instructor and department chairperson signatures, except on the day of the drop deadline. For Geography courses the signature must be from the instructor AND the Department Chairperson. For Chemistry courses the signature must be from the instructor AND the Department Chairperson.)
Education Instructor or department chair, and advisor
Engr & Computer Sc Instructor, dept. chairperson, and advisor
Information Studies Instructor or dept. chairperson, and advisor
Management Instructor or dept. chairperson
Public Comm Instructor or dept. chairperson, and faculty advisor
Sport & Human Dynamics Instructor or dept. chairperson, and advisor
Visual & Performing Arts Instructor and advisor

Attention: After obtaining the signatures, undergraduates must obtain an approval stamp from their home college undergraduate office.

Drop procedure SUNY ESF classes

Syracuse University students dropping College of Environmental Science and Forestry classes must use the SU Add/Drop form and submit it to the SU Registrar’s Office.