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When can I register for classes?

  1. Log onto MySlice
  2. Select the View My Enrollment Dates link in Student Services.
  3. Make note of your registration periods as displayed on the page

When can I begin to put classes in MySlice Shopping Cart?

Access to your MySlice Shopping cart becomes available prior to early registration periods.

  • Mid-October for spring terms
  • Mid-March for summer/fall terms

How do I resolve a hold?

  • View your holds in MySlice via View Holds link.
  • Contact the office that has applied the hold

Class selection

Why can’t I enroll in this class if I can see there are spaces available?

Some classes have seats reserved for specific populations, i.e. TV, Radio and Film majors, sophomores only, VPA music students, etc. When seats are reserved, even though it appears that seats are available, the seats are actually available to specific populations only. Use ‘Class Notes’ to view class restrictions.Screenshot of the MySlice application withint class search depicting clicking Class Section or Class Number to open the Class Detail and display the Notes Section

What is auto-enroll?

Some classes at SU are set up to have more than one component; Lecture, Laboratory, Recitation, etc. These components can be attached to each other so that when you enroll for one the other is automatically added to your schedule.

How can I get permission to enroll in a class?

Contact the department offering the class.

How do I use a permission number that I have been given to enroll?

If you have been given a permission number for a class, enter the number in the permission number box* available in step 2 of 3 during the add class process. If the class is already in your shopping cart, click on the class section hyperlink to access the ‘Enrollment Preferences’ page where the permission number box is available.

*If you do not see a permission number box your number has expired. A replacement number may be issued at the discretion of the issuing department/office. Contact the issuing department/office.

I registered for a class, but why can’t I see it on my schedule?

All classes selected for registration are first placed into your shopping cart. Your shopping cart is just a holding place and must be submitted for enrollment:

  • Log into MySlice
  • Select your shopping cart
  • Follow steps 1-3 to submit your Shopping Cart
  • Finish enrolling

When registering, why don’t I see the correct term as an option?

You may have a Bursar hold on your account. To resolve:

  • Log into MySlice
  • Review your holds via View Holds link. If you have a Bursar hold, contact the Bursar’s Office (315) 443-2444. If you do not have a Bursar hold, and are still unable to view your enrollment term in MySlice, contact the Registrar’s Office, 315.443.2422


How do I activate my NetID?

Follow this link to access NetID service 

Where can I find my password if I have forgotten it?

Follow this link to access NetID service 

Where can I get help using MySlice?

Access help links located on each enrollment page in MySlice.

If you have questions about the MySlice registration process, call the registration help line at 315.443.2422.

Course Requisites

How does course requisite enforcement work in MySlice?

When a matriculated student attempts to register for a class in an upcoming term, the system will review his/her official academic record to determine if the student meets the course requisite for the class. If so, registration will be successful for that class. If not, the system will block the student from registering for that class.

What types of requisites will be enforced on system?

Course prerequisites and corequisites will be enforced. The enrollment course that has a requisite is called the subsequent course. A prerequisite is a requirement that the student must complete before the subsequent course begins. A corequisite is a requirement that the student must complete concurrently with the subsequent course.
For example, subsequent course PSY 223 has a prerequisite of PSY 205 or 209. This means that the student must have successfully completed either PSY 205 or PSY 209 before the start date of the class for PSY 223 in the upcoming term.

In addition to a course requisite, other types of requisites include but are not limited to grade minimum, major, academic level, and AP exam score.

If I do not meet the requisite, can I still enroll in the class?

Maybe. There may be instances in which requisite requirements might be met in a way that can’t be identified in the registration process. For example, the student may have taken an Independent Study course that would meet the requirement. In such cases, the student should contact the department offering the class to request permission to enroll. If the department assigns permission for the student to enroll, the student can register for the class.

If I am currently enrolled in a class for the prerequisite course, will I meet the prerequisite for the subsequent course in the upcoming term?

Yes, providing the student passes the class for the prerequisite course. The system considers the current enrollment in the prerequisite course as “in progress credit”. In progress credit satisfies the prerequisite because the presumption is that the student will successfully complete the course before the start date of the upcoming term. Enrollment is considered “conditional” until the upcoming term begins.

What if I did/do not pass the prerequisite course?

All course requisites require that the student must have received a passing grade of D or higher (or a P in a P/F course) to meet the requisite. However, some course requisites also require a specific grade. For example, subsequent course ARC 408 has a prerequisite of ARC 407 with a minimum grade of C. If a student took the prerequisite course in a prior term but did not pass or attain the minimum required grade, I will not meet the requisite and will be blocked from enrolling in the class.

If the student was able to enroll in a class for the subsequent course while the prerequisite course was in progress, continued enrollment in the subsequent course is conditional upon passing the prerequisite course and meeting any other prerequisite requirements. Once final grades are recorded for prerequisite courses completed, eligibility for continued enrollment in the subsequent courses will be reviewed.

When will the final determination be made regarding continued enrollment in the subsequent course if the student has been conditionally enrolled in a course with a prerequisite?

After grades are in for the target term, enrollment eligibility will be reviewed by the department. If the student does not receive the required grade in the prerequisite course, the student can be dropped from the subsequent course for the upcoming term.

How will I know that I was dropped from a subsequent course?

The student will receive an email notification that he/she was dropped from the subsequent course.

Will I have the opportunity to enroll for another class after I have been dropped from the subsequent course due to an insufficient grade?

Yes. Review of the subsequent course eligibility will occur prior to the schedule adjustment period for the upcoming term’s enrollment. This will allow the student ample time to choose a replacement class.

How will I know if I do not meet the requisite when attempting to register?

With prerequisites, the student will receive an error message indicating he/she does not meet the prerequisite, and the specific prerequisite will display in the error message. With corequisites, the student must enroll in classes for both courses at the same time. If he/she doesn’t, a message will display indicating that a corequisite is required for enrollment.

Can I enroll on a wait list if I do not meet the requisite?

No. The system checks the student’s official academic record when enrolling on a class wait list for a subsequent course. If the student does not meet the requisite, he/she will be blocked from enrolling on the wait list.

Will transfer and other credit be allowed to meet the course requisite?

In general, yes. However, the department offering the subsequent course may elect not to allow transfer and other credit, such as Advanced Placement Examinations, to meet the course requisite.

For transfer credit to satisfy the requisite, the Internal Equivalency noted on the student’s Transfer Credit Report must match the prerequisite course exactly. If the student believes he/she has completed the requisite at another institution but the Internal Equivalency on their report does not match the requisite exactly, the student must contact their home college for assistance. The student should do this prior to his/her registration appointment time. The home college will then verify completion of course requisite at another institution by the student and notify the department offering the subsequent course. The department will issue permission and notify the student that he/she can enroll.

Will equivalent courses be allowed to meet the course requisite?

The system will only recognize those courses that the department has specifically identified by course subject and catalog number to meet the course requisite. The department can make exceptions for which, if any, equivalent courses they will accept. They must then assign permission for the student to enroll in the course.

Where can I see the requisite for a course prior to registration?

Requisites are listed in MySlice Search for Classes on the Class Detail page for the scheduled class: Screenshot of MySlice Class Details with Course Requirements section highlighted

What can I do to ensure successful enrollment in a course that has a requisite?

  • View the class listing to identify any course requisites
  • For prerequisites, view his/her academic course history or transfer credit report in MySlice to verify that the requisite is met
  • For corequisites, be sure to enroll in both the subsequent course and the corequisite course at the same time

Flexible Format

What are ‘Flexible Format’ classes?

Syracuse University matriculated and non-matriculated students, may take flexible format classes to fulfill program requirements at SU or other institutions. While they have the same academic standards and expectations as regular semester classes, flexible format courses:

  • Do not coincide with the designated meeting patterns associated with the University’s published official terms; and
  • Have unique academic and financial deadlines.

Flexible format classes offer students personalization and convenience, allowing them to make choices about where, when, and how learning occurs.

When can I register for Flexible Classes?

MySlice Registration for flexible classes is open the same time as regular registration. Registration in MySlice for flexible classes ends on the Add Deadline for fall or spring Terms. Even if the flexible class starts much later. To add a flexible class after the Add Deadline for a fall or spring term you must submit a late add/drop form.

Is there an easy way for students to search for flexible classes?

Yes, in class search students should use the ‘Session” drop down search criteria to search for classes by session. Flex Short session is comprised of classes that are four (4) days or less. Flex long classes is comprised of classes that are five 5 days or more.
Example of Search for Classes in MySlice Showing selection of Session either Flex Long or Flex Short

What If I don’t want to choose a specific session because I want to see all available class session information?

If you do not select a specific session (Flex Long, Flex Short or Regular session) all classes for all sessions will display in your search results. The session in which the class will be held is displayed in the upper left corner of class.
screenshot displaying visibility of session in class search results

What will I see when I attempt to enroll (search) for a class that has already ended?

The class will return a status of Open- Closed – or Waitlist as usual. But if the class has ended, you will not see a “Select Class” button in the search results because the class is not available to be selected.
Screenshot: Search for Classes Results, but Class Has Ended so No Select Class button displays

Will I be charged a late registration fee if I register for a flexible class after the add deadline?

If the first day of the flexible class has not passed and you have registered for other regular session classes, you will not be charged a late registration fee. But, if your initial successful registration for the term is for a flexible session class and the add deadline for the term has passed, you will be charged a late registration fee.

How can I find a schedule of dates and deadlines for my classes?

A Dates and Deadlines list is available by selecting the small calendar icon that is displayed in several locations in MySlice. In Class search results, the icon is directly beneath the Session information in your class search results.
Class Search results, Icon identified on the left side of the results beneath Session label., Dates and Deadlines page displayed

How will Flexible classes display on my class schedule?

If a Flexible class has a meeting pattern that meeting pattern will display on the students class schedule even if the flexible class meets during a holiday (Christmas, Dr. Martin Luther King Day) or an academic /administrative break (ex. Spring break, Green days). The screen shot below is an ex ample of the weekly view of both regular and flexible classes on the list view of My Class Schedule in MySlice.
Example of My Class Schedule, New Deadlines section with calendar Icon identified in the upper right corner.

Where can I view registration dates for flexible session classes?

Use View My Enrollment Dates link in MySlice to view all of your registration dates and times.
Example of Student Services menu - view my Enrollment Dates, Session column highlighted to show distinction between Sessions

Once I have enrolled for a class, how can I tell whether the class is in a flexible session?

Use View My Class Schedule to find session information for enrolled classes.

How to find Flex class via View My Class Schedule [PDF, 291KB]