Graduate Registration FAQ

(Zero Credit Hour Registration) I am not taking classes for credit at SU this semester. How do I maintain my registration status?

Students enrolled in graduate degree programs who are not registering for classes, i.e., scheduled classes, independent study, or other classes, including thesis or dissertation, must register for GRD 998, “Degree in Progress.” (Enter Class Number 37022 or 37023 for Spring 2018.) Registration for GRD 998 is also required for access to campus resources such as the library and computing services.

Can a non-matriculated grad student enroll for main campus classes?

Yes, non-matriculated students may register for University College (UC) and/or main campus classes through UC, subject to course/class restrictions and space availability.

I am only taking extended campus classes. How do I register?

Non-matriculated students taking only extended campus classes should register through extended campus. (Students taking other classes in addition to extended campus classes must register through UC.)

I am a non-matriculated grad student. Do I have to register in person?

Non-matriculated graduate students, i.e., students not formally admitted to a graduate degree program, but who have previously earned a bachelor’s degree, must register through UC. First time students must register in person or by mail. Returning students may register in person, by mail, or online. Refer to the University College course listings  for registration information and dates.


When can I begin to put classes in MySlice Shopping Cart?

Access to your MySlice Shopping cart becomes available prior to early registration periods.

  • Mid-October for spring terms and
  • Mid-March for summer/fall terms