Syracuse University/School and College Statements on Academic Advising

Syracuse University Statement on Academic Advising

Academic advising is an essential component of a Syracuse University education. The University is committed to providing the individual advice and assistance that you need at every step throughout your degree program. A successful system of academic advising is highly dependent upon a shared commitment of students, faculty, and staff to the process and availability of timely, accurate information.


Students are responsible for scheduling, preparing for, and keeping advising appointments; for seeking out contacts and information; and for knowing the basic requirements of their individual programs. Students bear the final responsibility for making their own decisions based on the best information and advice available and, ultimately, on their own judgment.


Advisors are responsible for developing a thorough knowledge of the degree requirements within the student’s program of study and a working knowledge of academic options and resources throughout the University. Advisors are expected to involve students by encouraging them to ask questions, gather information, and explore options so that they may develop meaningful academic plans.

Orange SUccess

Orange SUccess is a web-based advising tool that provides comprehensive support for students at all the schools and colleges of Syracuse University. This system will connect you to faculty and staff to help you have a successful academic career at Syracuse University.

To get started, set up your student profile. Orange SUccess can be accessed through MySlice and Blackboard. Find and click the link “Ask for Help in Orange SUccess” in the “Student Services” pagelet of MySlice or the “tools” panel of Blackboard. For more information, visit .


The School of Architecture requires all students to be advised by their academic advisor before they can register for classes.  Academic advisors will contact students via email with year-specific directions for advising.  After you have met with your advisor, your advising hold will be released and you will be able to register for classes on MySlice . To view the date and time you are allowed to register, use the View My Enrollment Dates link in MySlice . If you attempt to register prior to your assigned time, you will receive an error message.  If you have any questions, contact your adviser through Orange SUccess or via email.

Arts and Sciences

The students listed below will receive an advising (ADV) hold on their My Slice account and will need to review their course selection with their College Advisor before their hold is lifted:

  • New first-year and transfer students admitted for the fall semester
  • Students that transferred to Arts and Sciences from within the University
  • Students who have earned 100 or more credits

Students with declared majors must also meet with their major advisors before major advising holds will be removed.  Students with multiple majors will need to meet with all major advisors to have the major advising hold removed.  Students may see College and Major Advisors in any order.  Students studying abroad will not have any holds.

Students without a hold should review their degree works report on MySlice and consult with their College Advisor as needed by scheduling an appointment through Orange Success.

Scheduling advising appointments is the responsibility of students.  Plan and allow for ample time before your registration appointment to meet with all advisors.  Advising Holds often take one business day to be cleared.


The School of Education requires all undergraduates to meet with their professional staff advisor or faculty advisors before registering. Undergraduate registration begins November 9, 2017. You should plan on meeting with your advisor in the three weeks preceding registration. Remember that it is your responsibility to initiate your advising meeting. After meeting with your advisor, (you must take your signed Advising Form to your program area office so your advising hold can be removed. A – delete) a designated staff member will remove the hold, allowing you to register according to your assigned time. This includes the Dual EDU/FALK and Dual A&S/EDU (and Dual VPA/Art Education – delete) students, all of whom will have an Education advising hold placed.  Please be advised that it may take up to one full business day to remove the hold, and you will NOT be able to register if the advising hold (and/or any other holds you may have) is not removed. If you are unable to meet with your advisor, please contact Amie Redmond, Senior Assistant Dean for Academic and Student Services, in 111 Waverly Avenue, Suite 230, (315) 443-2506.

Engineering and Computer Science

The College of Engineering and Computer Science all undergraduates to meet with their faculty or professional advisor before registering for classes. Undergraduate registration begins November 9, 2017. You should plan on meeting with your advisor in the two weeks preceding registration. Remember that it is your responsibility to initiate your advising meeting. Once you have met with your advisor and obtained her/his signature on the ECS Undergraduate Advising Form, you must take the form to the Student Records Office in 130 Link Hall. A Student Records staff member will release your hold no later than the end of the following business day allowing you to register according to your assigned date/time. If you need assistance in contacting your advisor, please consult the ECS Faculty Advisor list available in 130 Link Hall, check MySlice under View My Advisor, and contact your adviser through Orange SUccess. If you have any questions contact the Student Records Office at (315) 443-5191 or via email at

Sport and Human Dynamics

The David B. Falk College of Sport and Human Dynamics requires all undergraduates to meet with their advisors before they register to ensure that they are choosing courses that lead towards the completion of their degree. It is each student’s responsibility to initiate the advising appointment and to be prepared with potential course selections for their advising session. All undergraduate students have registration advising holds that will be released based on a productive advising session, allowing you to register.  After the registration advising session your academic advisor will electronically submit an Advising Form with recommended courses to Student Services and the hold will be released (a minimum of 24 hours is required for processing). You will receive an email copy of the Advising Form.

Information Studies

In the School of Information Studies each freshman and sophomore, will have an advising hold placed on their registration. The iSchool Undergraduate Student Services Office, 114 Hinds Hall, will release the hold once the student has obtained an Advisor’s signature on the Advising Form. To obtain an advising signature, students are required to attend the scheduled group advising sessions. Dates and times for the advising sessions will be sent out via e-mail to the undergraduate listserv and can be found in 114 Hinds Hall. This is an open session – you stop in when it fits into your schedule. If you cannot attend an advising session, please consult the iSchool Undergraduate Student Services Office, 114 Hinds Hall, (315) 443-6137.


The Martin J. Whitman School of Management requires three groups of students to be advised before registering: freshmen (even those with sophomore standing); new external transfer students; and students on academic probation. Freshmen and external transfers will receive group advising in SOM 122 during the week of October 23rd.  Students on probation should schedule an appointment with their Probation Advisor using Orange Success. The Undergraduate Office will be removing advising holds for these students in batches at the end of the working day on which they are advised. Undergraduates not in these three groups should still plan to meet with an advisor to ensure they are fulfilling requirements.

Public Communications

The S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications requires first-year students, who are singly enrolled in Newhouse or dually enrolled with Information Studies, to meet with their Newhouse faculty advisors and to bring their signed Advising Forms to the Newhouse Undergraduate Advising & Records Office (316 N3) to obtain clearance before registering. Students in all years who are on probation are also required to meet with their faculty advisors before registering. The Undergraduate Advising & Records Office will need 24 hours (excluding weekends) to remove the advising hold so students must turn in their signed Advising Forms at least 24 hours before their initial registration access time. Once students have obtained their faculty advisor’s signature, they do not need to obtain a second signature to adjust schedules. If they change course selections substantially or exhaust alternatives, it is important to review revised plans with their academic advisor in 316 Newhouse 3. Singly enrolled and PC/IS dual Newhouse juniors and seniors are encouraged to see their faculty advisors and are responsible for knowing degree requirements, but may register without turning in a signed Advising Form. Dually enrolled Newhouse students must follow the advising requirements of their home college. If Newhouse is not the home college, students should still consult with Newhouse Undergraduate Advising on questions that affect their Newhouse major. If students have not been able to see their faculty advisor, they should see their department chairperson or Assistant Dean Karen McGee. If students have an incomplete schedule and need assistance, they should see Dean McGee in 316 Newhouse 3 before leaving campus for the semester.

Visual and Performing Arts

The College of Visual and Performing Arts requires all undergraduates in the School of Art, School of Design, Department of Transmedia, the Setnor School of Music, the Department of Drama and all first-years and sophomores in the Department of Communication and Rhetorical Studies to meet with their faculty advisors before registering. Advising takes place during the three-week period before early registration begins and it is the student’s responsibility to initiate the advising appointment. After meeting with your advisor, bring your signed Advising Form to your area department administrative assistant to have the advising hold released. Holds are generally released by the end of the day that the form is submitted, but the process may take up to 24 hours. Advising appointments should be planned accordingly. Juniors and seniors in the Department of Communication and Rhetorical Studies do not have advising holds but are strongly encouraged to meet with their faculty advisors to ensure that course requirements are being fulfilled. If you need assistance in contacting your faculty advisor, see the department assistant in your area. Other questions may be directed to the VPA Office of Student Affairs at (315) 443-2517.