Undergraduate Registration Appointment Instructions

Continuing undergraduate students have three (3) enrollment periods:

  1. Registration
  2. Schedule Adjustment (see late registration information)
  3. Open Enrollment

To view the Date/Time of your registration appointments:

  • Sign in to MySlice with your NetID and Password
  • Select View My Enrollment Dates link in the Student Services section.

See below:

  1. Sign in to MySlice with your NetID and Password
    Appointment Instructions - 1 - Login to MySlice
  2. Select the View My Enrollment Dates link
    Student Services - Enrollment - View My Enrollment Dates - Screenshot
  3. You will have 3 opportunities to register for classes:
    1. Your initial Registration access time
    2. UGRD Schedule Adjustment*
    3. Open Enrollment

    Sample Undergraduate Enrollment Dates Panel - Screenshot
    *Eligible undergraduates must have successfully registered for one (1) class by the end of Early Registration.


Enrollment Profile

You have access to view your enrollment profile via the Student Services section in MySlice by selecting the View My Enrollment Profile link. Once a student has been activated for a current or future term, the following academic information is displayed:

Semester Career
Projected level Program/College
Major Minor

If any of the data displayed does not correlate with expected information, please contact your home school/college to clarify any discrepancies.