Administrative Drop

Administrative Drop Policy

See also: Academic Registration rules 


Instructors have the option to drop students who do not attend the first week of class (up to and including the Add deadline). If an emergency prevents a student from attending the first week, the student must contact the instructor before the Add deadline to affirm his/her intention to continue in the course. Administrative drops must be completed by the financial drop deadline, three weeks from the first day of class.


The Administrative Drop forms for Summer Sessions I and II must be received by the UC Bursar/Registration Office by the Financial Drop deadline, which is the sixth day of the session. Combined Session Administrative Drop forms must be received by UC no later than the thirteenth day of the session. Due to the compressed time frame of summer sessions, drops received after the financial drop deadline cannot be processed and the student will not be removed from the class. Faculty must advise students they have been dropped from the class. There is no administrative drop process for Maymester.

Fall 2017

The following procedures will be used to process Administrative Drops during the academic semester.

The Administrative Drop period is defined as the time between the Add deadline and the Financial Drop deadline. Students who appear on the class list but do not attend the class during the first week of classes (up to and including the Add deadline) may be administratively dropped during this period using the following procedures:

After the Add deadline, the instructor will drop the student by completing and signing an Add/Drop form. “Administrative drop” must be written on the form.

  • The instructor is responsible for sending an email notification to the student at this time.

Forms for undergraduate students must be sent or brought to the student’s home college. The home college will stamp “approved by” and will then forward or bring the forms to the Registrar’s Office.

Administrative Drop forms will not be accepted after the Financial Drop deadline. For Fall 2017, that deadline is 5:00 PM Monday, September 18, 2017. Any Administrative Drop forms approved that day must be delivered to 106 Steele Hall, rather than mailed.

Forms for graduate students should be sent directly to 106 Steele Hall. Forms completed and signed on the Financial Drop deadline (above) must be delivered rather than mailed.

The Registrar’s Office will drop students from classes when the forms are received. Because this administrative action is processed on or before the financial drop deadline, the class will be removed from the tuition calculation total.

  • Special procedures will be followed for student athletes and international students in cases where the drop brings the student’s carried credits below 12.

The Registrar’s Office will mail the “student copy” of the form to the student.

The Registrar’s Office will track the administrative drops for reporting purposes.

See also: Schedule changes after the Add Deadline through the Academic Drop Deadline