Non-attendance or Stopped Attending

Effective Fall 2017, Faculty will report if a student never attends or stops attending a class in Orange SUccess. A student who never attends a class will be flagged in Orange SUccess for non-attendance before the Financial Drop deadline and by the close date of the Early Semester progress report (ESPR). However, a student who stops attending a class will be flagged in Orange SUccess for stopped-attending by the close date of the Mid-Semester progress report (MSPR). Students are strongly encouraged to contact their instructor by the start of classes if they will be not be attending the first class/s in the semester or will be missing any classes during the semester.

A Student flagged for non-attendance in a class and does not drop the class by the Financial Drop deadline, will receive an NA “did not attend” grade on the official transcript. Any changes to the enrollment status may effect student financial aid eligibility and can result in some/all return of federal aid. Students flagged as stopped attending may risk failing the class and be subject to Return of Title IV calculations which may result in return of some/all of federal aid.

It is important to note that for an online class logging into the class is not a sufficient indication of attendance, active participation is required. Examples of active Participation are: discussion boards, submitting or completing an assignment in Blackboard, quizzes, exams or communicating with the instructor (if determined by the instructor as sufficient to validate participation). On the other hand, if a student is physically present in an on-ground/campus class at least once, they may not be flagged for non-attendance but can be flagged for stopped attending.

Reporting Timelines

Financial Drop deadline, Early Semester Progress Report and Mid-semester progress report dates may be found on the Syracuse University Academic Calendar or College of Law Academic Calendar.

Frequently Asked Questions

Non-Attendance Reporting FAQ for Students