Student Forms

Instructions for PDF forms

  • Open form, save form, complete form and save to your files.
  • Consult with your home school/college regarding required approvals/signatures and associated deadlines.  If no further approvals are required, forward your form via your email account to email.
  • If signatures are required, forward your completed form as directed.  The form should be routed by University staff or faculty exclusively through emails with the student cc’d.  Approvals may be given by faculty and staff in the form of a written statement of approval within email and forwarded  with form attached until all approvals have been acquired (in lieu of signatures or Adobe Sign).  The full email (including all statements of approval and the form) may then be submitted to the email on or in advance of the associated deadline.
  • University College students should submit their completed forms by email to the University College Bursar/Registration Office at

Fillable PDF forms