Students affected by U.S. immigration policies

Syracuse University is committed to helping all students in good standing complete their degrees, including students who face immigration challenges after enrollment. These protocols apply to students in good standing – both academically and with respect to conduct – who are on a Syracuse University campus and are refused re-entry to the United States by the first day of classes or are deported from the United States on or after the first day of classes.

The protocols’ aim is to extend maximum opportunity for courses and degree completion for:

  • Current undergraduate students and graduate students enrolled in programs that only require coursework for degree completion.
  • Current graduate students in programs requiring thesis or dissertation.

TheseĀ protocolsĀ are subject to the limits imposed by accreditation and professional licensing requirements for the specific degree in which the student is enrolled.

Pathways to Degree Completion for Students Affected by U.S. Immigration Policy

Affected students are advised to contact their home college to work on a completion plan as applicable.

School and College Advisors

Frequently Asked Questions:

Pathways to degree completion for students affected by the U.S. immigration policies FAQ