Getting Started

Whom should I contact at Syracuse University if I have been refused re-entry to the United States?

Please contact your school or college for assistance (see School and College Advising Offices).

Will this affect my non-immigrant status in the USA?

To learn of your non-immigrant status contact the Slutzker Center at LESCIS@SYR.EDU.

What are the minimum Syracuse University credits and requirements to complete a Syracuse University degree?

In order to earn a Syracuse University degree, a student must complete a minimum number of credits through Syracuse University.

See Academic Rules & Regulations

For Undergraduate students:

16.0 Degrees

All students must complete a minimum number of credit hours at Syracuse University in courses offered through NYSED registered programs in order to be granted a Syracuse University degree. Undergraduate students must take at least 30 credit hours of coursework at Syracuse University to qualify for the degree; in most cases more than 30 credits will be required in order to fulfill degree requirements. Work necessary to complete a major must be completed at Syracuse University unless a waiver is granted by the appropriate major department.

For Graduate students:

30.0 Graduate Degree and Certificate Programs

Master’s degree candidates must take at least 70 percent of Syracuse University credit hours for the degree. See “Calculation of Credit Hours Toward Degree Requirements” for school/college-specific exceptions.

Doctoral students must take at least 50 percent of coursework, exclusive of dissertation, in courses offered through a Syracuse University registered graduate degree program. Experiential learning credit and professional experience courses don’t count toward the residency requirement.

For Law students:

See College of Law Academic Handbook


A. 1. (f) General Requirements

A minimum of 58 of the semester credit hours required for the Juris Doctor degree must be earned in the College of Law or approved Syracuse University courses. Approved courses include courses taken in joint degree programs, including courses taken pursuant to a joint degree in the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry, and other non-law offerings taken pursuant to Academic Rule E.5.


 LL.M. students must complete all 24 credits of their degree at the College of Law and therefore do not have minimum credit criteria.

A. 1. (a) Credit Hours in Residence

The Master of Laws degree will be awarded upon the successful completion of a minimum of twenty-four (24) semester credit hours earned during the requisite period in residence prescribed for the program in which the student is enrolled. “Successful completion” of a course means receiving a grade of “D-” or higher, or a grade of “P”, “C-”, “D” or “D-” if the course is graded on a Pass/Fail basis.

(f) Minimum University Credits

A minimum of 24 of the semester credit hours required for the LL.M. degree must be earned in the College of Law.

Continuing study at Syracuse University from abroad

What is my first step if I decide to continue my study at Syracuse University from abroad?

Contact your school or college (see School and College Advising Offices) immediately to determine an academic plan leading to graduation.

How do I know what transfer credits Syracuse University will accept?

Syracuse University accepts college level courses from regional, national and International accredited institutions. Minimum grade required is a “C” for undergraduate and a “B” for graduate courses. Some programs require a specific grade in some coursework and additional requirements. Consult with your school or college regarding your transfer credit evaluation before registering for any classes.

 Are credits taken abroad automatically accepted by Syracuse University?

No; acceptance of credits is not guaranteed. It is necessary to obtain pre-approval before enrolling. You should talk to your home school or college (see School and College Advising Offices) to make sure that the courses will be accepted prior to enrolling in classes.

Financial Questions

Will this affect my scholarship(s)?

If you have questions related to your scholarship(s), contact the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarship Programs.

Will this affect my graduate assistantship?

Contact your department chair for assistantship questions.

Am I eligible for a refund if my study is interrupted after the financial drop deadline?

For information on refunds, contact the Bursar’s Office at bursar@syr.edu.

Will there be financial obligations related to my on-campus housing contract?

Questions related to your housing contract should be directed to the Office of Residence Life. Contact the Office of Residence Life at orl@syr.edu.

Health Insurance

Will this affect my health insurance eligibility?

Students who have paid the annual premium for enrollment in the AETNA Student Health Insurance Policy will remain enrolled in this policy for the entire term of enrollment—e.g., students enrolled for the 2017-2018 term of enrollment will remain enrolled until 7/31/2018—regardless of current place of residence or academic enrollment, or may request a prorated refund if they are no longer going to be attending Syracuse University for any reason. If you have questions about your AETNA student health insurance, contact the Student Health Insurance Office at healthinsurance@syr.edu.

Graduate students who have enrolled in POMCO health insurance by merit of their employment as a teaching assistant, research assistant or graduate assistant will continue this coverage ONLY IF they retain their position as an assistant. If that position is terminated, the insurance will be terminated as well.

For further assistance, contact Associate Dean Gabrielle Chapman, in the Graduate School at ghchapma@syr.edu.