Non-attendance or Stopped Attending

Effective Fall 2017, faculty are obliged to report if a student never attend or stops attending a class in Orange SUccess.

If a student never attends your class between first day of class up until the Friday before the financial drop deadline, flag the student in Orange SUccess by the close of Early-Semester Progress Report (ESPR) reporting period.

If a student stops attending your class after the financial drop deadline and before the Mid-Semester Progress Report (MSPR), flag the student in Orange SUccess by the close date of MSPR reporting period.

Instructors will need to gauge non-attendance through the close date of ESPR and Stopped-attending through the close date of MSPR using one or more of the following means: class attendance (student physically present in class), pre-class report or online introduction, contact from the student, completed assignments, quizzes or exams. Instructors will need to think about this ahead of time and determine the best method for determining attendance for their class.

It is important to note that for online classes logging in is not sufficient indication of attendance. Active participation is required. Examples of active participation are: discussion boards, submitting or completing an assignment/project in Blackboard or through email.

If you need assistance in determining how to document your student’s nonattendance in your course, please contact

Reporting Timelines

For ESPR and MSPR opening and closing dates view the Syracuse University Academic Calendar or College of Law Academic Calendar.

Reporting Instructions

Orange SUccess ESPR/MSPR Instructions


Frequently Asked Questions

Non-Attendance Reporting FAQ for Faculty