Non-Attendance Reporting FAQ for Faculty

  1. Why do I need to flag students who never attend or stop attending my class?
    1. Federal government provides financial aid for courses the student attends. If a students is paid financial aid for a course/s not attended, the University is responsible to return the aid back to the federal government and within 30 days of the start of the semester.
  2. What happens if funds are not returned to the federal government and on time?
    1. The University may be subject to a fine and/or discontinuation of its federal Title IV funds.
  3. How do I make a determination to flag a student for non-attendance?
    1. A student who never shows up for a class, not even once, should be flagged as never attended. A student who shows up to one or more classes and then disappears, should be flagged as stopped attending.
      If the student stops attending during the ESPR period, do not flag the student as never attended but flag as stopped attending during MSPR period.
  4. When should I flag students for non-attendance or stopped attending?
    1. During ESPR and MSPR opening and closing periods respectively. Dates are included in the Syracuse University Academic Calendar or College of Law Academic Calendar.
  5. If I flag a student as never attended or stopped attending by error, what do I do to correct it?
    1. You can change the flag during the open period of ESPR and MSPR respectively. If you missed the deadline and realized after the close date that you made an error, contact The Office of the Registrar office:
  6. What happens when a student is flagged as never attended?
    1. The student will receive a notification that they have been flagged and will be advised to drop the class before the financial drop deadline to avoid financial implications. If they feel they were flagged in error, or intend to attend the class, they are instructed to contact their instructor and their advisor.
  7. Who has access to view the flag?
    1. The instructor and professional advisors can see the flag in Orange SUccess. The Office of the Registrar and the Office of Financial aid can query the information to process as necessary.