Diploma FAQ

Can I have my name printed differently on my diploma or certificate?

  • Your diploma name is by default, your legal name
  • You may request to use a preferred name on your diploma via MySlice, by logging in, going to the Student Services section, and selecting the File Diploma Request option.  As you enter your request, you will see the option to change your diploma name.  You must have your preferred name changed in MySlice before you submit your diploma request.
  • All requests submitted, are reviewed on a case by case basis.  The preferred name requested on the diploma has to match the preferred name listed on system; this will be necessary for future verifications that might take place.
  • Diploma preferred name requests should be done to either the first and/or middle names.  Any changes to your legal last name, will require the proper documentation for all changes.
  • The diploma preferred name request for the diploma will not be reflected on your transcript(s), only on your diploma.  Your transcript will have your legal full name.
  • Third parties using your preferred name appearing on your diploma, will not be able to verify your degree through the National Student Clearinghouse because of name mismatch.
  • Enrollment/degree verifications will be provided using your full legal name
  • Diploma apostille can only be provided when using your legal full name.
  • Your legal name will appear in the commencement book.
  • If you decide to change your preferred name back to your legal name after graduation, you will need to apply for a replacement diploma and will incur a fee.

I’ve graduated. When and how will I get my diploma?

Degree certification typically occurs 4-6 weeks after the completion of requirements. Once your school, college, or department has certified your degree, the Registrar’s Office posts it to your transcript. Once the degree is posted, if you have no outstanding financial obligations to the University we order the diploma. You can expect to receive your diploma in 2 -3 weeks after your degree is certified.

(Note: this presumes that you completed the File Diploma Request process in MySlice.)

Can anything prevent the release of my diploma?

Your diploma will not be released if you have outstanding financial obligations to the University, or if you have certain holds, e.g. Judicial Office hold, on your record. Should you have such a hold you will be notified by email sent to your syr.edu email address.

Where will my diploma be mailed?

Diplomas are mailed to the address you gave us when you filed your diploma request in MySlice. If this address is no longer valid, contact the diploma office at 315.443.2222 or calawren@syr.edu with your new address.

Can I pick up my diploma instead of having it mailed?

Diplomas are mailed directly to you from the company that prints our diplomas. If you wish to come to our office to get it, we need to know in advance so we can have the vendor send it to us instead. This will add time to the delivery of your diploma. Contact the diploma office at 315.443.2222 or calawren@syr.edu. You’ll be asked to present photo identification before we release the diploma.

There’s an error on my diploma. How can I get it corrected?

Contact the diploma office at 315.443.2222or calawren@syr.edu. If you send an email give us your full name and SUID number and an explanation of the error.

I never received my diploma. What do I do now?

Contact our office at 315.443.2422 or registrar@syr.edu. If you send an email give us your full name, SUID number, and the program/degree. There are many reasons why this might happen and once we complete our research we’ll let you know what actions will or need to be taken.

Can I get a second copy of my diploma?

No, Syracuse University issues one diploma per degree.

How do I request a replacement diploma, as mine was lost, damaged or destroyed?

Please review our Online Diploma Ordering page.

I need a certified/notarized copy of my diploma. How do I get that?

We don’t certify diplomas however we can notarize the original. Notarizing is also part of the Apostille process (a.k.a. Verification of The Hague). Please contact the diploma office at 315-443-2222 or calawren@syr.edu to make arrangements for notarization.

What’s the difference between a diploma and a certificate?

A diploma is awarded for completion of a degree program. Certificates are awarded for the completion of a certificate program. Both degree and certificate programs are registered with the NYS Education Department. A graduate certificate is awarded for completion of a Certificate of Advanced Study (C.A.S.). An undergraduate certificate is awarded for completion of a Certificate program.

The certificate document looks very similar to a diploma, but the award is shown as “Certificate of Advanced Study” or “Certificate”, whichever applies.

What else do I need to know about certificates?

Most of the information provided about diplomas in these FAQs also applies to certificates. If you have additional questions, contact the diploma office at (315) 443-2222.

Can I have my name printed differently on my diploma or certificate?

Yes, when you file your diploma request you will indicate how your name should be printed on your diploma. Instructions can be found in File Diploma Request on MySlice. You will have 2 weeks after filing to provide the documents for name changes requiring official documentation. Official name changes will be made on your University records as well as on your diploma.

Can I get a cover for my diploma or certificate?

Yes, if your diploma is for a bachelor’s or master’s degree or a certificate. Come to 106 Steele Hall before you leave or email registrar@syr.edu to request that we mail a cover to you.

What information displays on my diploma or certificate?

All diplomas and certificates include the title of the award, e.g., Master of Science, and the date of the award. The signatures of the University chancellor and other school officials also appear. Various other information is included, depending upon the type and level of the award.

For undergraduates earning single degrees with double or dual majors, or combined degrees, additional information about the diploma can be found in Table F of the academic rules.

How do I get confirmation of my graduation?

A degree letter or transcript can be sent to confirm your graduation. If you have no outstanding holds, you can order a transcript. Or contact the Registrar’s Office at (315) 443-2422 or registrar@syr.edu for a letter certifying the awarding of your degree(s).

Where can I get my diploma framed?

Information about framing services can be found through the University Bookstore .

Our diploma vendor, Michael Sutter Company, also provides this service and includes a flyer regarding this with your diploma.