Transcripts FAQ

Having trouble accessing your account?

  • If you created a Parchment account but cannot access it, contact Parchment Support for assistance. Note that if you created a Parchment account on or before February 17, 2023, you must create a new Parchment account due to system upgrades.
  • If you are either a current student or attended Syracuse University within the past two years and can’t access your MySlice account, contact ITS for assistance.
  • If you are a Project Advance student, or an alumni or former student who has been away from the University for more than two years, you must create a Parchment account. Contact Parchment Support for assistance.

Don’t remember your SUID?

  • If you are a current student, contact ITS for assistance.
  • If you previously attended Syracuse University and no longer remember your SUID, input as much information as you are able when placing your transcript order. Make sure to monitor your email in the event that we need to contact you for additional information to complete your order.

Need an official transcript?

  • Any transcripts ordered through Parchment are considered official and are supported by the University, if they have been sent directly from Parchment to the intended recipient. An electronic transcript is no longer official if it is forwarded from your personal email or email address.

How long is your order available?

  • Electronic transcripts are available to the recipient for download for 30 days, or up to three downloads (whichever is reached first). If you have sent an electronic transcript to a 3rd party, you will receive an email when the transcript has been previewed by the recipient.

What if you sent your transcript to the wrong recipient?

  • If your order was completed successfully, you will need to submit a new order. Make sure to double-check you have the correct recipient and/or address before submitting your order.

Need to request a transcript for AMCAS, NYS Licensure, Apostille, or need other special handling?

  • AMCAS – When selecting the recipient, type AMCAS into the search box. Select the recipient and follow the instructions to complete your order.
  • NYS Licensure and Apostille – When ordering, select the ‘Pick Up’ option. Before you complete your order, you will have the option to upload any additional documentation; make sure to upload the necessary licensure form or any other relevant documentation.

What do the different order statuses mean?

  • Pending – Parchment is reviewing your order.
  • Approved – Your order has been accepted and is currently being processed.
  • Available – Your transcript is available to the recipient for downloading, or has been printed by Parchment (if a paper copy was ordered).
  • Complete – Your transcript has been downloaded by the recipient or has been mailed (if a paper copy was ordered).
  • On Hold – We need some additional time to process your order; we may reach out to the email address you provided in your order if we need additional information from you. Transcripts for years prior to 1984 will take additional processing time.
  • Cancelled – Your order has been cancelled; more details will be sent to the email address you provided in your order.