Schedule of Classes

Real-time online schedule of classes

The online SC with real-time class scheduling data is called Search for Classes and is accessible through the University portal

Use public class search to search for classes without having to login to the portal. One way to search for classes is by Mode of Instruction, which includes classes taught online.

Another way to search is by flexible format classes, which have unique meeting dates that do not coincide with SU’s designated meeting patterns.

The Spring Schedule of Classes (SC) is published in October. The Fall SC is published in March.

Reminder: Students are required to complete the pre-term check in via MySlice prior to being able to register for classes. Once the check in process is completed, access to Enroll in a Class, View My Enrollment Dates, View My Schedule, etc. links will be granted in MySlice

Helpful Term and Registration Information

Schedule of Classes publication

The SC publication is a point-in-time PDF document, current as of the date specified and available to SU affiliates in the Office of the Registrar – Answers – Schedule of Classes Archive.