View My Exam Schedule


Final Exam dates and times are now available at the time of early registration.

Your final exam schedule will be available at the start of early registration. As you enroll, the date and time of exams for specific classes will be available via the Student Service section of MySlice.

Navigating within the Student View My Exam Schedule:

Student Services > Enrollment > View My Exam Schedule

View My Exam Schedule will provide you with a list of exams for each main class in which you are enrolled for the present term.

Final exam dates and times are not subject to change. Students are responsible for scheduling their courses and thus their final examinations. SU does not limit the number of final examinations for which a student may be scheduled on any given examination day.

If an exam is not listed for your class, please note the following:

  1. Final exams for graduate and UC classes are scheduled on a request basis after the start of each term.
  2. Not all courses have a final exam; you may be required to complete a final paper or project instead.
  3. Law students only: Examination ending times are tentative and will be updated or confirmed prior to your examination. Copy of the law examination schedule 

Screenshot Student View My Exam Schedule list view (sample)

Screenshot Student View My Exam Schedule Weekly View (sample)