If any of the following holds have been applied, it will be indicated on the student’s holds section in MySlice. Navigation: MySlice > Student Home > Holds or MySlice > Student Home > Enrollment > Holds. Contact information for the holding office is also provided in the Holds section. Students with registration holds will be prevented from registering for classes. In order to register, students must obtain clearance from the holding office(s). Detailed information about holds is listed below. Use the information provided in MySlice to resolve the hold.

Advising Hold

Schools and colleges require advising for some or all of their undergraduate students before they are allowed to register. Advising policies vary among colleges. For dually enrolled students, the home college’s rules, Use the link below to access detailed information about the advising requirements for your home school/college.

Non-declared Plan (Major) Hold

While some colleges require earlier declaration, all matriculated undergraduates must apply for admission to and be accepted into a major program of study by the beginning of their junior year. Dually enrolled students must declare a major in both colleges. Students will be placed on hold if they are registering as a second semester junior but have not officially declared their major. Dually enrolled students must declare majors in both colleges for the hold to be removed. Students with this hold should contact their college(s) to officially declare a major.

Financial Hold

Students with outstanding financial obligations are placed on financial hold by the Bursar. Separate financial holds may be applied by the Bookstore, Student Debt Management, Library, and Parking. Other holding offices can accept payment but cannot enable registration. Contact the Bursar’s Office to resolve holds.

Health Center Hold

Proof of measles, mumps, and rubella immunity is required for all full and part-time undergraduate, graduate, and law students born after January 1, 1957. Proof of reimmunization is also required for all students who were inoculated for measles and rubella before the age of one year or who were inoculated before 1968. All students must provide a completed response form relating to vaccination for meningococcal disease (meningitis). Students who have a Health Center hold will not be allowed to register until they submit proof of immunization to Health Services, at the Barnes Center at The Arch.

Community Wellness Requirements Hold

Students who have not completed the Community Wellness Requirements will receive a Registration Hold preventing them from completing class registration until training(s) are complete. Administered by the Barnes Center at The Arch, incoming students are required to complete three online modules (alcohol education, sexual and relationship violence prevention, and diversity, equity and inclusion) prior to their arrival to campus, and an in-person workshop on sexual and relationship violence prevention after arrival. Returning students are required to complete an online sexual and relationship violence prevention and education training annually prior to returning to campus.

Community Standards

Staff from this office can place a hold preventing a student from attempting to register until any outstanding judicial actions are settled. Students with this type of hold should contact the office, Community Standards, 804 University Avenue, Suite 106, Syracuse, NY 13244

OIS Hold

International students with an OIS hold must contact The Center for International Services and present appropriate paperwork as requested. Students may visit The Center for International Services’ Contact page to request assistance.

DBT Hold

The Office of Graduate Enrollment Management will place a hold preventing a student from attempting to register for class if they have not submitted a transcript bearing their undergraduate degree by the end of their first semester of study in a graduate program. Students should send their transcripts to:

Enrollment Management Processing Center
Syracuse University
Graduate Admissions Processing
P.O. Box 35060
Syracuse, New York 13235-5060